Low-Functioning Snacks- or a prediction of what I will eat when I am actually pregnant

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I am still exam-ing and studying and generally just poo at the moment.

I still want flavor, just have no time to shop or cook. So this was a recent forage through the pantry. Note: the sardines were from a lucky dip at a party themed ‘evil’. For reference.



Looks like when I’m stressy, I just want some weird-ass fish. Jalapeno sardines, friends?

With love, from Charlotte

Eating for two, for two – but not.

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Over the weekend, I went to a party with friends as a pregnant person. As everyone thinks I am pregnant (I’m not pregnant! I’m not!) I thought I’d share. Just as a reminder that I am definitely not, not not.

This is the result. Naturally, I spent most of the evening hovering around the beautiful mulled wine and eating all of the snacks. I am particularly proud of that hair and face-tanImage

With love, from Charlotte

I’m not pregnant

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This blog sounds a lot like I’m actually pregnant. That is not the point. I am not pregnant, at all. If I were pregnant, I also would not look like Gisele.

I JUST FUCKING LOVE FOOD! I relish (pun alert!) cooking, eating and sitting down to a beautiful meal. I also am not a picky eater, and will genuinely eat anything besides the most disgusting of condiments, mayonnaise.

I am pro-healthy eating, trying not to eat lots of lard and having more dark leaf veggies and fresh produce. I use olive oil instead of butter when I can, and besides cheese am a fairly ‘healthy’ eater. I also am anti-dieting, because your diet is what you put in your gullet, and not anything to do with self-hatred that people want you to think you should feel.

I eat, a lot, and I love to eat.

With love, from Charlotte