My saviour- the remedy for exam stress

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Inbetween library trips, and when going batshit crazy trying to understand Ulysses or Social Psychology- this is what rejuvenates my poor weary brain.

Probably crazy-inauthentic, but Civic Asian Noodle laksa, jumbo size naturally. And at $11- I eat it about once a week.


With love, from Charlotte

PS: Are we friends yet?


Baba Ganoujsh and Dinner Parties

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Ah! The silly ‘sorry I didn’t write post’. Last night I got home too late to write because I was having dinner with beautiful friends to celebrate a birthday. We ordered takeaway Laksa from my favourite noodle house, went to another friend’s house, and engorged. Because Penny had delicious roast capsicum soup, and Tom made delicious sweet potato soup, and I ordered Laksa, it was a three-course liquid meal. Naturally, I also picked at everyone elses food (re: cleaned their plates) and am currently in that awkward position of praying that the passing of meals does not resemble the texture or spice of its original state. Fingers crossed.

I did, however, make Baba Ganoujsh (I have no idea how that is spelled). I won’t put a picture, considering the reference above, and because it doesn’t look too flash. But, its super simple, and can be used as an ingredient in a bunch of dishes as well as just a dip on its own. Delish. Read the rest of this entry »