Just a quick one – picnic and dinner in Galway

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After Dubin, we headed off to beautiful Galway. The food, the sunshine, the gorgeous greenery of it all was spectacular. Upon our arrival (via morning train from Dublin central) we checked in and found ourselves a patch of grass to refuel on. The perfect picnic of antipasti – fresh buffalo mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, olives, salami, proscutto, spinach, and crusty bread. Gorgeous for an afternoon meal.

IMG_1024 IMG_1025 IMG_1033

Galway proper:


Dinner at the pub (pumpkin soup, fish and chips, beef and guinness pie, steak, guinness)

Delightful – and full of potatoes.

With love, from Charlotte

So many Irish people are reading! Any good recipes to share?

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I’ve been thinking for a while now how great it would be to swap recipes and collaborate, and I miss all the delish food of Ireland. I just got a notification that tonnes of Irish people have been reading, would anyone (from anywhere, really) like to swap recipes?

You can comment here, or through facebook 🙂

With love, from Charlotte

Eating Ireland

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After Paris, I jet-setted myself off to Ireland in a reverse-Joyce to meet up with two wonderful friends in Dublin.



Ireland was gorgeous, gorgeous – but the fashion and food was decidedly ‘pub-friendly’. Given my love of tailgating/bar food, that was divine, but looks a bit less elegant straight after Paris. We spent two days solid eating, wandering and drinking beer. Divinity. Read the rest of this entry »

Paris eating for at least 10 for one

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When I was little, I lived across from l’Alliance Française and took french classes, picturing myself as some kindof madeline. We used to drive up to Montreal and I’d be able to fake some frenchiness. I’ve been a francophile for. ever.

Paris was always the ‘destination’ for my mum and I. She had lived there, and wanted to show me the most incredible city in the world. I never got to do that with her – but this trip felt like exactly what she would have loved. I lost my beautiful mum on Remembrance day, and the train pulling into Paris from the airport was lined in bright red poppies. It felt like it was exactly where she would have wanted me to be.

And then there’s the food.

My plan was, for my weekend in Paris, to just walk every waking moment and eat everything in sight. I achieved this plan. I also stayed with a gorgeous girl through AirBNB on the Rue de Belleville who gave me directions, took me out to dinner (I only spoke French! To French people!), and ate cheese and baguette with me (even explaining the devestatingly french man eating his baguette and brie dipped in his morning coffee) She insisted that she lend me a beret and take a photo of me posing with my espresso in a cafe. The whole experience was magic.

These were some of the meals that, through butter content and taste, will remain in my heart forever.

This was my first espresso and pain au chocolate. After 36 hours to get from Sydney to Paris, it was incredible. I was also terribly lost. Beautiful

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Around the world and back again (and ‘healthy’ Buffalo Chicken)

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The past few months have been full of adventures and changes. I was in Copenhagen for a course through my uni, and it was the most amazing time. I got back, moved house, and have been setting up a new kitchen and delaying the inevitable tears of updating this bad boy and missing my time overseas.


I fulfilled my life-long dream of going to Paris, and met so many new (amazing, incredible, thoroughly missed) people. Most importantly, I ate my little heart out and have permanent souvenirs (french cheese will never leave my arteries, and I would never want it to). I took photos of everything i ate, and even if I’m the only one who (sad and late at night) appreciates it, I hope it finds some inspiration for other cooks. Or just inspires jealousy. I’m jealous of my European summer self.

I am so lucky to have had this opportunity, and I can’t wait to share. In the meantime, this is my seriously American recipe.


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I’m off! (and I have been for a little while)

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I’m in Europe! Exams over, and I shipped out. Hopped a plane, train, and busses, so far to Paris, Dublin and now in Galway.

Before I left, I threw a huge dinner party in a Potluck style. Its the best way to feed a crowd, and the way I did it was I made a delicious root vegetable pie and everyone else brought dessert. I felt like Marie Antoinette.

The pie is the best thing I can make in winter – and you can change the original recipe to suit whatever veggies you have. I love throwing broccoli in at the end and I usually can’t find celeriac at my local shops. The biscuits can also be made separately and serve it stew-style. Read the rest of this entry »

Hell-mester over. And yes, I have a favourite butter.

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I have finally finished exams. Last night I read 500pages/750page textbook.

It feels a little like this.

And a lot like this.

But mostly, I just fell asleep where I’m sitting.

How does one celebrate such a fantastic ending? With not a bang, but an uncomfortably full stomach. Like, lamb burger with olives, tzatziki and chilli fries, followed by a dinner of crisp-skinned seared duck with an orange and green peppercorn sauce (courtesy of the ever patient ginger pagan- my boyfriend) followed by a gloriously excessive sweet gnocci with cinnamon, lindt chocolate, custard and caster sugar. (All accompanied by wine, baguette and brie)Image

But real proof that he’s golden? The comment, ‘I even got you your favourite butter [because I know how much you hate margarine]’. Yes, I have a favourite butter. Its Lurpac. I defy anyone not to want to eat that smothered on bread like cheese. Delicious danish excessive calories. Yum yum yum.

With love, from Charlotte

On studying

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Another brilliant post on Friends Say the Darndest Filth… unfortunately, its again about me. BRB – pulling out hair and frantically cramming information into my brain and eating nothing but chocolate and diet coke.

With love, from Charlotte

Friends Say The Darndest Filth





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My saviour- the remedy for exam stress

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Inbetween library trips, and when going batshit crazy trying to understand Ulysses or Social Psychology- this is what rejuvenates my poor weary brain.

Probably crazy-inauthentic, but Civic Asian Noodle laksa, jumbo size naturally. And at $11- I eat it about once a week.


With love, from Charlotte

PS: Are we friends yet?


Low-Functioning Snacks- or a prediction of what I will eat when I am actually pregnant

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I am still exam-ing and studying and generally just poo at the moment.

I still want flavor, just have no time to shop or cook. So this was a recent forage through the pantry. Note: the sardines were from a lucky dip at a party themed ‘evil’. For reference.



Looks like when I’m stressy, I just want some weird-ass fish. Jalapeno sardines, friends?

With love, from Charlotte