And of course I have a cat

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This is the monster herself. She’s cross eyed and missing teeth, but I love her to bits. Cooking blogs and cats seem to go together, and today her food was double the price because they had sold out of her brand. I fear the anger I felt was a preview to my catladydom future – NO FUN.

(are we friends yet? you could totally tweet my shame here)

Things that were on sale, that I went crazy for, though:
Tangerines are still $1.99/kilo!
– Potatoes were $2.49/4kgs!

I don’t understand the seasons these are supposed to represent. Tangerines and potatoes are cold-weather produce, but avocadoes? Just a miracle. Superbarn in the Canberra Centre (where these sales are on) also have cherries out – can’t wait for them to go on sale! But, best of all:


these bad boys were $0.79! Each! How fancy.