Lentil Salad with Za’atar Eggs (or, I’ve been seeing myself in leggings a lot recently)

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Recently, I’ve been working very early in the morning. Asleep-in-the-shower early. Easiest way to dress myself is in gym gear, and maybe it will even lead to some exercise beyond working out the jaw muscles when I clock off. I’m kinda like this:


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I seafood, I eat it – Howth and Prawn Curry (and how to caramelise onions in 5 minutes)

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If there’s one thing I love, its shellfish. I adore it, I adore it, I adore it. I could eat it for every meal.

When we were in Dublin, we took a day trip to the seaside village of Howth. My God it was beautiful – but even better was the seafood. I had oysters from the area, delicious marinated white anchovies, and fish and chips.

heavenly bliss

Can I get pregnant from this?  
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Around the world and back again (and ‘healthy’ Buffalo Chicken)

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The past few months have been full of adventures and changes. I was in Copenhagen for a course through my uni, and it was the most amazing time. I got back, moved house, and have been setting up a new kitchen and delaying the inevitable tears of updating this bad boy and missing my time overseas.


I fulfilled my life-long dream of going to Paris, and met so many new (amazing, incredible, thoroughly missed) people. Most importantly, I ate my little heart out and have permanent souvenirs (french cheese will never leave my arteries, and I would never want it to). I took photos of everything i ate, and even if I’m the only one who (sad and late at night) appreciates it, I hope it finds some inspiration for other cooks. Or just inspires jealousy. I’m jealous of my European summer self.

I am so lucky to have had this opportunity, and I can’t wait to share. In the meantime, this is my seriously American recipe.


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I’m off! (and I have been for a little while)

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I’m in Europe! Exams over, and I shipped out. Hopped a plane, train, and busses, so far to Paris, Dublin and now in Galway.

Before I left, I threw a huge dinner party in a Potluck style. Its the best way to feed a crowd, and the way I did it was I made a delicious root vegetable pie and everyone else brought dessert. I felt like Marie Antoinette.

The pie is the best thing I can make in winter – and you can change the original recipe to suit whatever veggies you have. I love throwing broccoli in at the end and I usually can’t find celeriac at my local shops. The biscuits can also be made separately and serve it stew-style. Read the rest of this entry »

Hell-mester over. And yes, I have a favourite butter.

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I have finally finished exams. Last night I read 500pages/750page textbook.

It feels a little like this.

And a lot like this.

But mostly, I just fell asleep where I’m sitting.

How does one celebrate such a fantastic ending? With not a bang, but an uncomfortably full stomach. Like, lamb burger with olives, tzatziki and chilli fries, followed by a dinner of crisp-skinned seared duck with an orange and green peppercorn sauce (courtesy of the ever patient ginger pagan- my boyfriend) followed by a gloriously excessive sweet gnocci with cinnamon, lindt chocolate, custard and caster sugar. (All accompanied by wine, baguette and brie)Image

But real proof that he’s golden? The comment, ‘I even got you your favourite butter [because I know how much you hate margarine]’. Yes, I have a favourite butter. Its Lurpac. I defy anyone not to want to eat that smothered on bread like cheese. Delicious danish excessive calories. Yum yum yum.

With love, from Charlotte

Nachos are a COMPETITION

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And anyone who says otherwise is lying. This guy’s from Guzman, and is delicious.

If you are eating nachos with someone, you are fighting over limited resources of sour cream, beans, meat, chips, cheese, and of course guacamole. Each bite you take is a perfect mouthful. Your former friend and yourself vie for the ‘best bits’, and yet this is meant to be a typical ‘shared dish’. Unlike other foods, you can lose at nachos – quite easily, in fact. You’re the one with the bald chip and a lone blackbean – and the one with hatred in her heart towards her date.

I say that’s bogus. I say, order your own damn nachos. That’s nacho cheese.

(You never want to ‘share’ with me)

With love, from Charlotte

Quiche crust…after

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Look at this! Egg in the Middle tried the Spinach, Broccoli, Olive and Parmesan Tarte – and look how beautiful it is! They did a better job with the fancy fluted edges, and I feel so chuffed that something I wrote has materialized in someone elses kitchen! wowee!

With love, from Charlotte

Another quick ode to Mandarins

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I have a big interview tomorrow! And I bought a tangerine-coloured pencil skirt especially for the occasion. Because I have spent this evening watching law and order SVU, and preparing for whatever they want to throw at me over the first 6 hours of my day tomorrow, I ate takeaway laksa (foodgasm) and came home to sweatpants (almost as good) for a little rest n prep before the big day.

Luckily, I knew this day would come. Rather, that the meal I made here was really an ode to oranges – and I also made a salad with beautiful mandarins. I still don’t understand why some people don’t like them. I love them so much, that when I was little I couldn’t wait to eat them by the segment, I used to eat them by the half. One time, I ate the whole damn thing and turned blue and gave my mother a heart attack. I love eating SO MUCH.

Olive Oil
White Wine Vinegar

Mandarins (1-2, divided into segments)
Avocados (1-2 – I had spares! woo! – sliced)
Granny smith apples, sliced thinly
Half a red onion, sliced thinly.
Baby Spinach

Combine wet ingredients at the bottom of a salad bowl. Whisk together, with approximately 1 garlic clove per 3T oil and 1T vinegar. Add in the rest of the ingredients. Toss, serve, love.

With love, from Charlotte – wish me luck!

Inferno Eggs, or How much I love Nigella Lawson

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This is not my recipe! It is for Nigella’s Inferno eggs, from her most recent ‘Nigelissima’ cookbook. I don’t like it over toast, because in whatever magical Nigella world her bread must not go soggy. Mine does, its not nice, and I like chickpeas a whole lot so I use them instead.

On Nigella: love her or hate her, her recipes are flawless. I have never had one fail (and believe me, I’ve made many, many recipes out of every one of her books – I have a library shelf devoted to her sweet sweet writings). I love her – I’ve been watching her since she was in her original BBC series and my mum paid extra for cable with her show on it. Sitting down and watching her Christmas special is a very precious memory for me, and I have loved the way she cooked before I was actually allowed to play with fire and sharp things myself.

Also, girl has had a lotta heartbreak in her life. The fact that she is a smiling, happy person, and works hard means I respect her a whole lot. I mean, look at this – she knows people parody her and still is OK with it! How gorgeous. She is just gorgeous.

SO! Onto my interpretation of her genius. I had some spare avocado and feta, and thought this would be a good start to my day. Deeelish.  Read the rest of this entry »