Lentil Salad with Za’atar Eggs (or, I’ve been seeing myself in leggings a lot recently)

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Recently, I’ve been working very early in the morning. Asleep-in-the-shower early. Easiest way to dress myself is in gym gear, and maybe it will even lead to some exercise beyond working out the jaw muscles when I clock off. I’m kinda like this:


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Nachos are a COMPETITION

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And anyone who says otherwise is lying. This guy’s from Guzman, and is delicious.

If you are eating nachos with someone, you are fighting over limited resources of sour cream, beans, meat, chips, cheese, and of course guacamole. Each bite you take is a perfect mouthful. Your former friend and yourself vie for the ‘best bits’, and yet this is meant to be a typical ‘shared dish’. Unlike other foods, you can lose at nachos – quite easily, in fact. You’re the one with the bald chip and a lone blackbean – and the one with hatred in her heart towards her date.

I say that’s bogus. I say, order your own damn nachos. That’s nacho cheese.

(You never want to ‘share’ with me)

With love, from Charlotte

Inferno Eggs, or How much I love Nigella Lawson

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This is not my recipe! It is for Nigella’s Inferno eggs, from her most recent ‘Nigelissima’ cookbook. I don’t like it over toast, because in whatever magical Nigella world her bread must not go soggy. Mine does, its not nice, and I like chickpeas a whole lot so I use them instead.

On Nigella: love her or hate her, her recipes are flawless. I have never had one fail (and believe me, I’ve made many, many recipes out of every one of her books – I have a library shelf devoted to her sweet sweet writings). I love her – I’ve been watching her since she was in her original BBC series and my mum paid extra for cable with her show on it. Sitting down and watching her Christmas special is a very precious memory for me, and I have loved the way she cooked before I was actually allowed to play with fire and sharp things myself.

Also, girl has had a lotta heartbreak in her life. The fact that she is a smiling, happy person, and works hard means I respect her a whole lot. I mean, look at this – she knows people parody her and still is OK with it! How gorgeous. She is just gorgeous.

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