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I don’t know why this appeals to me so much, or why it took so long to realise that veggies I buy regrow – but, to me, this was a game changer.

Stick roots in water. That shit regenerates, y’all.

Left to right, english spinach, some yummo dark leaf lettuce, and celery (but it also works with spring onions/shallots and leeks!). Stick on a sunny windowsill and eventually plant when you feel it has regained some of its vibrancy. If you leave it in a cup on your boyfriend’s kitchen windowsill it will get slimy and it will get chucked out by his housemates, so make sure you change the water before it stinks.

Cut, eat, repeat.

With love, from Charlotte

Not another stereotype! (but probably, just another stereotype)

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young twentysomething recently made redundant must be in want of a blog.

Food is just the obvious first choice. I am of the beautiful philosophy ‘live to eat, not eat to live’. I love cooking, creating new recipes (can’t ever spell that word), and now have a whole heap more time. I believe that the most genuine expression of love is heartfelt cooking for someone, that ‘full’ should be excluded from a vocabulary, and that nachos are a competition.

I’m trying a new venture of recording and posting about my foodhaps, in the hope that they spark more fun foodhaps.

With love, from Charlotte