Love. [insert sausage joke here]

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‘Love’ is waking up and having breakfast made for me. Bangers, mash, caramelized onion.

‘Happiness in a relationship’ is not being embarrassed to lick the plate.

with love, from Charlotte


This is where we’re at right now

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This is the shit I’m putting in my body.

A cry for help? Or GLORIOUS.

(also, cheap. Win-win-examsgah-win)

With love, from Charlotte


My saviour- the remedy for exam stress

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Inbetween library trips, and when going batshit crazy trying to understand Ulysses or Social Psychology- this is what rejuvenates my poor weary brain.

Probably crazy-inauthentic, but Civic Asian Noodle laksa, jumbo size naturally. And at $11- I eat it about once a week.


With love, from Charlotte

PS: Are we friends yet?


Low-Functioning Snacks- or a prediction of what I will eat when I am actually pregnant

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I am still exam-ing and studying and generally just poo at the moment.

I still want flavor, just have no time to shop or cook. So this was a recent forage through the pantry. Note: the sardines were from a lucky dip at a party themed ‘evil’. For reference.



Looks like when I’m stressy, I just want some weird-ass fish. Jalapeno sardines, friends?

With love, from Charlotte

This is genius. Fresh herbs year-round!!

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This is not my idea. I found it in the Eating for Two, for One facebook page’s news feed (from Garden Week 2013, in Perth), and had to share.


Take fresh herbs. Freeze them in olive oil. Keep forever and ever and always have fresh things for marinades, dressings, just roasting/frying up potatoes (I have an obsession with roasty veg as soon as it hits scarf season)

A particularly luxurious friend even suggested taking lavender/rosemary, freezing in (rosehip? coconut?) oil and dunking it in your bath. Honestly, I’d probably still enjoy the plain olive oil with parsley combo – but that’s probably taking my phillia a little far for the general population.

With love, from Charlotte

Eating for two, for two – but not.

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Over the weekend, I went to a party with friends as a pregnant person. As everyone thinks I am pregnant (I’m not pregnant! I’m not!) I thought I’d share. Just as a reminder that I am definitely not, not not.

This is the result. Naturally, I spent most of the evening hovering around the beautiful mulled wine and eating all of the snacks. I am particularly proud of that hair and face-tanImage

With love, from Charlotte

Nachos are a COMPETITION

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And anyone who says otherwise is lying. This guy’s from Guzman, and is delicious.

If you are eating nachos with someone, you are fighting over limited resources of sour cream, beans, meat, chips, cheese, and of course guacamole. Each bite you take is a perfect mouthful. Your former friend and yourself vie for the ‘best bits’, and yet this is meant to be a typical ‘shared dish’. Unlike other foods, you can lose at nachos – quite easily, in fact. You’re the one with the bald chip and a lone blackbean – and the one with hatred in her heart towards her date.

I say that’s bogus. I say, order your own damn nachos. That’s nacho cheese.

(You never want to ‘share’ with me)

With love, from Charlotte