Around the world and back again (and ‘healthy’ Buffalo Chicken)

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The past few months have been full of adventures and changes. I was in Copenhagen for a course through my uni, and it was the most amazing time. I got back, moved house, and have been setting up a new kitchen and delaying the inevitable tears of updating this bad boy and missing my time overseas.


I fulfilled my life-long dream of going to Paris, and met so many new (amazing, incredible, thoroughly missed) people. Most importantly, I ate my little heart out and have permanent souvenirs (french cheese will never leave my arteries, and I would never want it to). I took photos of everything i ate, and even if I’m the only one who (sad and late at night) appreciates it, I hope it finds some inspiration for other cooks. Or just inspires jealousy. I’m jealous of my European summer self.

I am so lucky to have had this opportunity, and I can’t wait to share. In the meantime, this is my seriously American recipe.


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Delicious Yogurt Turmeric Chicken

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this is the best thing I know how to make. I don’t know why I combined these things or why i thought they would go together, but this is a go-to meal that just always hits the spot. Its something about the tumeric and yogurt – tangy! – but can be made with a buncha different ingredients. In summer, I put cucumber and mint on top. Its also good as just a marinade for the vegetarians for tofo or a firm fish (or just broccoli! I fucking love broccoli)  Read the rest of this entry »