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I seafood, I eat it – Howth and Prawn Curry (and how to caramelise onions in 5 minutes)

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If there’s one thing I love, its shellfish. I adore it, I adore it, I adore it. I could eat it for every meal.

When we were in Dublin, we took a day trip to the seaside village of Howth. My God it was beautiful – but even better was the seafood. I had oysters from the area, delicious marinated white anchovies, and fish and chips.

heavenly bliss

Can I get pregnant from this?  
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Love. [insert sausage joke here]

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‘Love’ is waking up and having breakfast made for me. Bangers, mash, caramelized onion.

‘Happiness in a relationship’ is not being embarrassed to lick the plate.

with love, from Charlotte